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    Our Main Screen welcomes you to a new world of customization. Launch one of EasyNotesPro’s pre-loaded menubars, answer a few questions and view our software typing your notes for you, without ever touching your keyboard!

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  • Dialog Repository

    Select a pre-custom-made dialog box (pop-up screen) from our Large Dialog Repository, or you can easily fabricate your own dialog box in just seconds!

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  • Menubar Options

    Select a Custom Dynamic Note Procedure to Run via the Custom Dental Menubar. As mentioned, you can edit existing Dynamic Note Procedures or create new ones and assign them to a menubar/menu item.

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  • Chief Complaint

    Everything is Customizable: Pop-up screens, Question & Answer-Choices, Template Text-Snippets (per Pop-up screen), and where your Answers Appear in the Template Text-Snippets. The New Dynamic Note has more intelligence, knowing which pop-up screens to display based on your Answer-Choice selections (which is all customizable, and very intuitive).

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  • Generated Clinical Notes

    No "canned" notes here! These custom notes get generated no matter what the situation. Simply answer the questions on the screen, and your clinical note will be written perfect every time, all without typing on a keyboard!

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  • Create / Edit
    Custom Forms

    Simply fill in the patient form, saving it to the patient database in a digital format. You can even email them to your professional colleagues!

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We invite you to take your time and explore our website, and see all of the possibilities and examples that EasyNotesPro has to offer. Check-out our video section to see videos of our software in action. We fully believe that with our current EasyNotesPro 2 version of our software, there is absolutely NO possible scenario that can be created in a clinical setting that our software can't handle and write fantastic notes for.

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Roy S Shelburne, DDS: A Prisoner Set Free!

 “Most dentists live in fear of litigation, but few worry about going to prison.  Nonetheless, I went to prison on August 20, 2008 and was released on May 14, 2010.  If you’d like, take a deep breath, hold on, and take a ride with me through a health care provider’s worst nightmare.”
“If it’s not in your dental record, you didn’t see it, you didn’t say it, you didn’t do it, it didn’t need to be done, and it doesn’t exist from a legal perspective.”

Signed:  Roy Shelburne DDS

We encourage you to read a remarkable story by Dr. Roy Shelburne, a dentist that went to prison in part, because his dental records did not properly support his diagnosis and treatment.  Dr. Shelburne learned the hard way that your clinical records can and should protect and defend your practice.  If deficient, your clinical records can condemn your practice.  Good clinical records are an essential part in protecting the patient, doctor, staff, and the practice.

 Are your notes careful, complete, and concise?  Doctor, are you diligent in your documentation and accurate in your representations?  If not, use Dr. Shelburne as an example of what can happen should you ever be called upon to defend your treatment decisions and clinical actions.

 After Dr. Shelburne received a demonstration of EasyNotesPro he was asked, “Do you think our software could have prevented your imprisonment"?  His immediate response was "Absolutely, I believe the chances of my conviction would have been greatly reduced had I been using your software to record my notes!"    Click on this link to go read Dr. Shelburne’s amazing story:    http://www.royshelburne.com