Technical Support

Remote HelpDesk

Click on the link below to allow us to remotely view your computer screen, so that we may provide you with remote support.  Choose "Run" to make your remote desktop support experience EASY!  Then just follow the directions on the screen!  Please contact us first so that we can activate the software on our end of the connection.

ENP HelpDesk

Skype to Skype, " EasyNotesPro"

When using your Skype program, if you do a search in Skype under the menu heading "Contacts" and then click on "Add a contact"  you can type our "easynotespro" skype name into the field entitled "Skype Name"  and Skype will find us for you giving you a picture of our inventor and CEO, David Burton.

Download Skype

It’s quick, easy and FREE.

Download FREE Skype Here

Skype Video Calls

Video Calling

It's great to talk, but it's even better to see each other too.  With Skype video calling you can, for FREE.  Skype allows you to work one on one for video calling, but sometimes you may want to collaborate with several other colleagues, to either collaborate or brainstorm about our software.  If that is the case, then I suggest you contact us so that we may arrange a meeting for all of the participants usually limited to (5) five people.  We use Skype to create video and audio conference calls where everyone sees each other on their screens.  Or you can just audio conference, and then share you screen with others that you are collaborating with so that everyone in the conference can visually watch the other persons screen to better understand what is being discussed.  The three methods to contact us are:

1. Contact us via our Skype Number: 

2. Contact us via our Skype Name is:  EasyNotesPro

3. Contact us via email.  Click on our contact button at the top of this page to obtain all of our email addresses. 

Skype Number

    by Skype


    Online Number

    Our Online Number  (also called our Skype number) allows anyone to call us from their mobile or landline and we answer your call.  If by chance we are currently working with another customer, a voicemail will prompt you to leave a message, and we will return your call as soon as possible once we listen to your message.

    Skype-to-Skype calls

    Talk to anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world, for free.

    Add contacts

    Friends, family, ENP colleagues – search for them or add them instantly if you know their Skype name.

    Our Skype Name is " EasyNotesPro"

    Make a free Skype call
    Choose a contact and click the call button.