Brainstorming with your fellow professional colleagues has proven to be the best method to find the most appropriate solutions to problems. We believe that the more brains you have working on a problem the better the solution. That is why the centerpiece of our software is the ability for our users to brainstorm with each other through our website. Using Skype, you can share your screens with one another to visually understand what all of you are trying to accomplish. Our Skype premium account allows for up to 5 users to talk to one another while visually seeing each other on the screen. It also allows you to screen share! Click here to give it a try and let us know what you think?
In a future release of ENPv2 (EasyNotesPro version 2) you will be given the opportunity to upload your creative masterpieces of software development and present them to the world. We will also provide you with a business opportunity in that version that everyone of your will find interesting.

Stay tuned to EasyNotesPro’s future release’s we are only just beginning!