Developing our software took plenty of time, and we’re used to meeting the tough demands from our clientele.  Learning our software will also take you time, but we want to offer you various options to help you scale the learning curve a little faster.  Allow us to help you take advantage of developing your own customized software, by enabling you to investigate any of the following offers;


1.       Feeling invincible?  Branch off on your own exploration learning how to use our software by watching videos of our product.  These videos are tutorials teaching you exactly what you need to know to become efficient in creating your own software.


2.       Feeling a little timid.  You can contact us within the first 90 days and receive FREE support.  After that time, you can call us and we charge a nominal fee to answer any questions that you may have.  Our support team personnel have had years of experience helping/training customers.


 3.       Need help but not from us?  If you want, you can contact and join other users via Skype from our website.  Collaborate with your colleagues, and build menubars together.  Skype is FREE and doesn’t cost you anything, and you can enjoy both screen sharing and video conferencing allowing you the ability to talk with other users in real time!


4.       A bit more impersonal please!  Try logging onto our blog to ask questions to others about how to accomplish specific tasks with our software.  Being a little shy at first is normal, but with a little practice you should quickly overcome this feeling.  We find most users are willing to help!


5.       Please help me!  A cry for help is never a bad thing.  We will be glad to help you and if you wish, we can work with you developing the menu-items you need for your menubar.  We do charge for our time, but we are very pleasant to work with…


6.       I want to feel more secure!  Okay, we understand that.  We also offer full year support for our software, and we will be available during specified times to help support your needs and wishes.  Just “Contact Us” about this option or check it out on our website under the heading “Services”


7.       We ask your opinion!  If you have an idea that would improve on ways of making learning our software easier to you and to others, we would like to hear from you.  Please send us an email, understanding of course that we thank you for your input and your time!