EasyNotesPro is not your normal software program. Many software users are use to a Parent/Child relationship with their Practice Management Software vendors. The old adage that “children are to be seen but not heard” clearly describes this relationship. You can use their software, but any ideas for improvement have to be submitted to them, and perhaps they might approve it, and include it in their next release. Then again, perhaps they will ignore your idea which is usually what I found to be the case whenever I sent ideas to my vendor.
Here at EasyNotesPro, we believe in just the opposite. The best software comes from the users themselves. You can take one of our pre-made menubars and/or forms and start immediately writing notes and of course filling out the form. The difference between our software and theirs is that if you don’t like what is given to you on the form, you can ABSOLUTELY change it yourself. No submitting your ideas! No waiting to see if your idea gets accepted! If you’ve got an idea, CHANGE the software IMMEDIATELY! That’s the genius of EasyNotesPro. We put the power of programming in the hands of the software user!
Below is a list of suggestions we would like for you to try, and please tell us what you think! Send us an email to let us know if you like our kind of software?

1.     From scratch you can design your own menubar/toolbar

2.    Edit one of our pre-existing menubars, and customize it to make it better

3.    Form a group with other colleagues to brainstorm and create what you want

4.    Become an expert user and then help other users to understand the software by logging onto our blog and participate in discussions

5.    If you like what you see, help us to spread the word and let others know how much you like our software. Log onto other forums like DentalTown and spread the word about EasyNotesPro.